5 Tips for a Wedding Weather Contingency Plan

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Weather these days have become so unpredictable that you thought it won’t rain, but in the afternoon, it does. You cannot really control it, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your wedding event management because of bad weather.

There are some things that you can do and it is best that you are prepared so you can really focus on what matters- in this case, getting married to the person that you really love. Today, I am going to be giving away some tips on how you can create a weather contingency plan for your wedding.

1. Have Your Wedding Indoors

I know that you’ve once envisioned having your wedding on top of the hill, on the beach, or just about any outdoor venue, but if the threat of bad weather is there, it is best that you have your special occasion held indoors instead.

You could have a church wedding as it could be more intimate and you’re going to feel more blessed because of the place. After which, your reception can be held in hotel ballrooms so that no matter what happens outside, you’re going to be safe from the elements.

2. Check the Weather Forecast

If you’re really bent on having your wedding outdoors, then you better check the forecast a week before the actual date. If the weather decides not to cooperate with you, you could change your plans and have it done indoors instead.

Remember, this is all about creating a contingency plan, so have a backup idea in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with you.

3. Pick a Date in the “Off-Season”

We have times in the year where rain is most likely going to fall. It usually happens in early spring and mostly during the autumn and winter months.

If you want your wedding to be held outdoors, you need to pick a date that is off- season- meaning that you can bet with complete accuracy that rain and other harsh elements won’t come crashing in your special day.
Any time during the summer is perfect, but if you want it any other time of the year, refer to the previous tip and look at the daily forecast.

4. Speak with the Venue Manager

When you’re going to have a wedding on the beach, for example, the owners of the place will always have a contingency plan set for you so that you do not have to worry. For example, they will install tents and marquees to ensure that you’re mostly protected from the winds and rains should they fall on your momentous event.

Although, you still have to make sure that they do have an emergency backup plan ready in case things go awry, especially when it comes with the weather. Ask them what they will do in the scenario where the rain or snow will fall.

5. Tell Your Guests Beforehand

If you absolutely want your marriage to be officiated on a date where rain has a high probability of falling, then you have to tell your guests beforehand so that they can make the necessary preparations.

At the end of the day, they will all be happy with your union with your loved one. You just have to be transparent with them.