7 Beer Wedding Ideas to Give Your Big Day Some Hops

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7 Beer Wedding Ideas to Give Your Big Day Some Hops

Do you and your S.O. love simply a decent mix? At that point, there’s no motivation behind why you shouldn’t consolidate it into your enormous day. We know — each wedding serves lager. In any case, in the event that lager is your “thing,” at that point including some remarkable brew wedding thoughts to your huge day is an incredible method to include a touch of individual style.

You may think there are just such a large number of approaches to present cold lager, however despite what might be expected we’ve discovered various beery innovative thoughts that will enchant both you and your guests.

Here, seven distinctive lager wedding thoughts to convey the distillery to your wedding.

On Tap

Brew never tastes superior to when it’s straight from the tap. In the event that you’re both lager epicureans, at that point there’s no preferable brew wedding thought over with a completely devoted tap bar. It splendidly brings out some distillery enchantment. From wooden boards to marquee lights, this one has some genuine Southwestern vibes.



Tubs aren’t held only for showers — they’re likewise an incredible spot to house your lager amid your wedding gathering. Regardless of whether you go full-estimate or to raise a small scale form like this one, the look won’t neglect to convey some provincial appeal to the bar territory.

Spruced Up

Give your lager wedding thought another look by dressing it up in antiquated paper packs total with vintage structure and lettering. Tip: request the sacks uniquely designed with your and your life partner’s names on them, alongside the wedding date. Tie a string around the neck for an unsettled impact, and spot them on wood platters decorated with wild greenery to convey rustic vibes to mixed drink hour.



Nobody needs to see a cooler at weddings. Get innovative with your brew holder and present some cool ones of every a kayak for a one of a kind look. Pack it with ice to keep them new and plants to keep it wild, and you have one sudden bar. This will ensure that you will have an aesthetic wedding, you only need to find a luxury wedding dress now.

Lager Flights

Take your lager wedding thoughts to the following dimension by having servers go out brew flights amid mixed drink hour or convey to them to tables amid gatherings. Enabling guests to attempt diverse assortments will guarantee everybody tastes on something they like and help encourage discussion among them as they think about tastes.



Serving brew in a trough pays tribute to lager’s agrarian roots. Give it a progressively rich touch with a smooth, silver metal choice and by highlighting it with decorative designs.


On the off chance that you thought shots were only for alcohol, reconsider. Smaller than expected mixes are both refined and adorable. Pair them with sliders amid mixed drink hour for some good times.