Buying Shoes for Children

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Are you looking for new baby shoes in Malaysia? Purchasing footwear for children can be challenging, most especially if your kid is not with you. Whether you are buying one for your infant child or toddler, it needs to be comfortable. Remember, footwear protects their feet from any type of injury from the cold or heat. If the shoe is too tight, it can hamper your kid’s walking and may cause further problems, like ingrown toenails.

Your toddler’s shoes must have:

  • a solid heel counter, it should go around the back of the heel
  • straps, fasteners, or laces to prevent slipping or movement of the foot inside the shoe
  • comfortable fit in width and length
  • lots of room for toes
  • a flat, flexible sole
  • the front part of the shoe must be wider than the heel, in order to match the foot’s natural shape

Flat feet in kids

The sole of normal foot has a medical arch which is formed by ligaments, muscles and bones. Expect your kid’s feet to appear flatter compared to an adult’s. Flat feet in young children and babies are normal. Children’s feet are typically flexible and must not be stiff. 

As your kid masters walking, muscles and ligaments strengthen, and the fat pads won’t be that noticeable. At around 6 years old, your kid would have normal feet arches.

Feet that turn inwards

It is crucial to consult a podiatrist if your kid’s feet are stiff, or if his in-toeing is: 

  • affecting a single leg, or
  • causing tripping in school-aged kids 
  • severe
  • not improving with age

Symptoms of feet issues in children

Are worried about your child’s feet? Watch out for these symptoms:

  • severe out-toeing or in-toeing
  • flat feet that may cause limit functions or pain 
  • an immediate change in the way your kid walks
  • if your kid is not walking at all at around 2 years old
  • abnormally shaped toes
  • painful ingrown toenails 
  • bunions or other kinds of deformities
  • foot stiffness
  • limping
  • the kid experiencing pain while walking, or favors one leg over another