Does Website Hosting Impact SEO Rankings?

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Do you want your business to thrive in the digital landscape? If you want your search engine rankings to improve, you need to focus on quality website hosting. Not all people may agree, but it’s true that search engine rankings can be affected by web hosting performance. 

Keep your servers close to your location.

This is not the most important tip you must focus on, though it’s highly recommended that you choose a server that is close to you. Google can rank on multiple factors. The servers’ geo-IP location is one of them.

Don’t worry about the city your website is hosted in. Just focus on keeping it within the exact same country borders. Are you looking for a top host in Malaysia? There are tons of providers around that area that can help you with your business needs.

Your choice of web host can impact your search engine ranking.

There are plenty of ways on how your web host can impact your search engine ranking. Uptime is the first factor you should note. If your web pages can’t be accessed at some point, then search engine robots crawl them while it is out of order, you are in great trouble. 

Google and other search engines crawl websites in order to index them. Their objective is to access all available details on the website. Then, it will be matched with all the adequate queries. If your pages are not indexed properly, robots will have a difficult time scanning everything. This means that your web content wouldn’t find its way to those who are looking for it.

Website speed is completely dependent on the quality of your web hosting services.

A website with slow-loading pages will have fewer backlinks and shares, meaning that something is affecting ranking. This can affect how Google’s process of crawling your web pages. At the end of the day, it won’t rank your web content, so we can say that it can make or break your online presence. 

To sway Google on your favor, you should play by its strict rules. Do everything you can to improve your digital presence by acquiring quality web hosting services.