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Significant Advantages of Being an Introvert

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According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Behavior in 2008, introverts take longer to digest information than extroverts. According to Kahnweiler, this is due to the fact that they analyse information more methodically than extroverts, taking more time to comprehend concepts before proceeding on to current ones.


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People tend to misjudge introverts. They think that introverts are shy, hate gatherings, unfriendly and even lonely. However, it all depends on the individual. An extrovert can hate social gatherings but go for it because they have to. Hence, I can say it all depends on the individual. Since I am an introvert and I am working in an MLM software provider company online, I can prove to you that we introverts do have our advantages. I’ll discuss more on this in the following paragraphs.  


  • Good listeners

Buelow believes that introverts are naturally good at active listening, and she considers herself an introvert. “When you are frustrated or have happy moments to share, we are often friends or colleagues that you can call,” he said. “We can listen to you and be with you without turning our heads to talk about us.” On the other hand, extroverted individuals are more likely to leap into a discussion without completely comprehending what another person has stated. According to Dr Laurie Helgoe, this isn’t because they’re egotistical or don’t bother, but rather because they interpret information dynamically.


  • Great at being observant

In addition to excellent listening skills, introverts also possess what Buelow considers “superpowers”: their ability to observe. “We are beginning to realize things that other people may not notice because they are talking and dealing with it loudly,” he said. Although it seems that they are just sitting quietly during the meeting, introverts are actually absorbing the information provided to them and thinking critically.


  • Creative minds

Although extroverts can accept group values and mainstream and popular things, it may be a blessing to integrate into society-after, introverts often have their preferences and are not affected by current trends in Instagram. They may even be attracted to obscure, unusual or completely weird things, such as specific topics of interest. Because they spend more time alone and away from the large social spaces often occupied by extroverts, introverts may be more likely to develop unorthodox and novel views, ideas, and knowledge. The introverted physicist and theorist Albert Einstein is a perfect example. To quote him: “The monotony and loneliness of a peaceful life stimulate creative thinking.”


  • Great friendships

The age of social media has weakened people’s ability to establish meaningful relationships. However, this factor does not affect introverts. Regardless of the situation, introverts will always choose fruitful interactions over superficial interactions. This attribute is very special and reveals the authenticity of the introverted personality. Many people think that introverts are always lonely, which is a serious misunderstanding. Because they understand the nature of making good friends, they can always find someone they can rely on in difficult times. Extroverts are mostly at a disadvantage in this factor because they rarely establish as deep connections as introverts. They may have many friends, but the important parts may not be relevant in the long run. Therefore, building good friendships is one of the benefits of introversion.

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