Web Design 101: How to Make Amazing Minimalist Websites

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Minimalism is an overwhelming new trend in the website design world. Right now, almost every web design company is implementing shades of minimalism in their website designs.  Since this trend is very effective in establishing attractive and intuitive designs, it’s important for every designer to know the related fundamentals. Below are 7 website designs secrets that will help you improve your pages.

Use website colors wisely.

The right colors would make your website pages attractive and attention grabbing. A minimalist website is not only about using a single color, and black and white scheme. You are free to explore on this aspect. Just remember to use bright, simple colors that can also help you with interface function division.

Use white space.

The concept of white space may appear boring to some beginners, but it can really make your most important pages stand out. It reduces noises in website pages, and encourages users to concentrate on the crucial details. If you want to increase your product sales, use white space.

Optimize your website with hierarchical typography.

Apart from colors, compelling interface text and fonts can make minimalist websites even more appealing. Feel free to use typography in implementing hierarchy in your content. You need to use different font styles and sizes to show your readers the most important pieces of content.

Simplify your web pages with intuitive grids.

Utilize intuitive grids to divide interface functions, and guide people in searching for the information that they immediately need.

Don’t forget to add navigation bars and menus.

Menus and navigation bars contribute to a much better user experience. These elements can guide users towards the most important content of your website, such as your products and services.

Explore other web design styles and techniques.

Do you want to make your minimalist website more attractive and unique? Then, optimize your pages with different web design styles. Why not use progressive disclosure techniques and flat designs styles? This can further highlight your creativity, and attract more users.

Focus even on the smallest details.

A minimalist web design is a specific approach that allows designers to utilize limited elements to build functional websites. Every element, no matter how small, matters a lot. Don’t forget to optimize the logo, color schemes, geometries, fonts and other simple animation and interaction features.